Black + Blue: Blackberry Blueberry Jam Recipe

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I just can?t stop eating the scrumptious blackberry blueberry jam I made this past weekend. I guess I shouldn?t be surprised that it tastes this good, I mean these two fruits were obviously meant to go together: they grew only steps from each other.

Black and Blue Berry Jam Recipe

When went for my annual , I stopped off at my favorite organic blueberry farm on the way back. It never crossed my mind until this year that the sweet blueberries and the tart blackberries would be an amazing compliment to each other. So good I have to share:

Blackberry Blueberry Jam Recipe (long boil a.k.a. no pectin)

makes 8-10 cups

  • 4 cups blackberries
  • 4 cups blueberries
  • 5 cups sugar (just a guideline, adjust to your own tastes)
  • 2-3 tbsp lemon juice

Add all ingredients to a large, tall pot and set on medium high. Stir constantly until juices release and the mixture is soupy and boiling. Reduce to medium low and keep boiling, stirring occasionally, and using the spoon or a potato masher to squish the berries.

Put a few small plates in the freezer. Continue boiling and stirring jam until mixture starts to thicken and foam subsides, after about 30 minutes. Check jam for consistency by putting a spoonful of jam on one of the chilled plates.

When the mixture cools, ask yourself: ?Do I like this consistency?? Keep boiling jam and testing until you answer, ?Yes!? then ladle  into clean, sterilized 250ml (1 cup) jars. Process in a for 15 minutes cool spot 11x11 popup gazebo tent instant with mosquito netting outdoor gazebo canopy shelter with 121 square feet of shade beige_700053 adjustments for your area. Store for up to a year in a cool, dark place.

With any recipe with blueberries, you will need to cook less time for a thicker jam as there is lots of natural pectin in blueberries to set the jam.

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Update: This post is from May when I found wireworms eating my tomato plants. If I had prepared some traps in March these could have been saved. Plan now, save your plants too. Don?t let the wireworms win.

Finally some nice weather has me outside to check on my newly transplanted early tomatoes and?WHAT THE?!

The wilty and pale sad little transplants looked perfectly healthy 2 days ago.

I pulled one up to replace it with a backup and WHAT THE %$^&%$%^&*?! There?s wireworms eating them from the inside out.

Wireworms and how to make a wireworm trap

I think this one is actually drooling?.

Wireworms and how to make a wire worm trap

I dug around in the soil only to find a whole bunch of these ugly critters. I had planted lettuce transplants early in the season in the same raised bed which all mysteriously disappeared days after planting. I blamed the slugs. I killed LOTS of baby slugs to terrify the other hidden slugs. But could it have been these nasty little wireworms that ate my lettuce?

If you recently transformed a grassy part of your yard to a garden bed (check out ) then you may have an abundance of wireworms just waiting for tender seedlings. The best way to remove them is by setting up a wireworm trap.

Cut a potato in half and skewer it with a long stick. Bury the potato in the soil (or make a few of these for large beds/lots of wireworms), ensuring that the top of the stick stays above the soil so you can find them. In a week or so, carefully dig (not pull) up the trap and remove the wireworms. Replace and keep removing the worms until you don?t find them anymore. You are now ready to plant!

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